About ShakRa Yoga & Fitness

Shakra Yoga & Fitness is a 2nd story yoga and fitness studio located in the heart of Downtown Shakopee. Our mission is to create a welcoming, supportive space for fitness and yoga practitioners of all ages and abilities. Our classes range from Beginners Yoga 101 to Advanced High Intensity Interval Training . Yoga classes include Flow/Vinyasa, Restorative, Gentle and Power. Group Fitness classes include Sculpt, HIIT, Barre and Strength Training. ShakRa’s Yin/Yang approach to class offerings provides something for everyone, thus creating a one-stop shop for anyone looking for healthy movement at any level.

ShakRa’s certified instructors bring their own unique style and format to class. Unlike other studios, we are not a big-box, cookie cutter establishment. We encourage our teachers to bring their own personalities to our space, allowing for freedom of expression and creativity amongst our staff. This approach keeps things fresh for both instructors and students. We encourage ShakRa students to take an immersive approach, trying as many teachers and formats as possible to get a full experience.

ShakRa’s convenient location offers free parking as well as close proximity to other local restaurants, shops, boutiques and breweries. We are locally owned and operated by Shakopee resident, Riana Hansen. Riana has been teaching for over 10 years and is committed to developing and growing ShakRa’s community of practitioners as well as increasing our community involvement. We are proud to be amongst some of the best and brightest locally-owned Shakopee establishments and look forward to continued growth within our “Heart” of Downtown Shakopee.

New to yoga or group fitness? Visiting our Getting Started page to learn more.